Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Backed by

Real-World Assets

Digitized Physical Collections

Soon Anyone Will Be Able To:

Mint & Monetize


Collect Royalties


Capture trusted & provable value

through crypto


real-world collectibles

Create non-fungible visual representations

& pave your

trusted digital footprint

Interested in participating in a future DAO on Hedera?

Browse the NFT Projects by HELD 👇

Originally Minted on HashAxis & Now Available on ZUSE

Good Trip Punks (SOLD OUT)

Supply: 100

Mint Price: 250 HBAR

Bad Trip Punks (SOLD OUT)

Supply: 50

Mint Price: 420 HBAR

Good Trip Apes (SOLD OUT)

Supply: 420

Mint Price: 200 HBAR

Bad Trip Apes (SOLD OUT)

Supply: 69

Mint Price: 300 HBAR

Interested in getting VIP access?

Consider enlisting yourself in ORDER 66 🔥

Learn more about ORDER 66 HERE

Now available on ZUSE 🎉

GREEN: 1 - 10

Supply: 10

RED: 11-20

Supply: 10

BLUE: 21 - 30

Supply: 10

ORANGE: 31- 40

Supply: 10

PURPLE: 41-50

Supply: 10

GREEN 2: 51- 60

Supply: 10

B/W: 61-66

Supply: 6

Approved & Granted



All statements contained on the HELD NFTs site (HELDNFTs.com), whitepaper details, statements made in press releases, Tweets, Discord, or in any place accessible by the public and oral statements that may be made by Jordan Coon, founding members of HELD NFTs, advisors, or team members acting on behalf of HELD, aside from statements of historical fact, represent strictly “forward-looking statements”. Statements can be identified by forward-looking terms such as “aim”, “target”, “anticipate”, “could”, “hope”, “intend”, “may”, “plan”, “possible”, “project”, etc.

Neither HELD NFTS LLC, Jordan Coon, or any team member warrants and/or undertakes that the actual future results, performance, or achievements of HELD NFTs & respective NFT projects, including but not limited to Good Trip Punks, Bad Trip Punks, Good Trip Apes, Bad Trip Apes, PHREAKZ, HELD Land Genesis, and other future projects (including the HELD DAO), will be as discussed in such forward-looking statements.

Results, performance or achievements of HELD NFTs LLC, the HELD NFTs DAO & respective non-fungible tokens on Hedera may differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements.

Nothing contained in the HELD NFTs website, Twitter pages, Discord, or other medium is or may be relied upon as a direct promise, representation or undertaking as to the future performance or policies of HELD NFTs LLC or the HELD NFTS DAO.

HELD NFTS LLC & The HELD NFTS DAO reserve the right to update any and all forward-looking statements or publicly announce any revisions to said forward-looking statements to reflect future partnerships, development, and/or circumstances.

DO NOT buy any NFT from HELD NFTs with an expectation, guarantee, or assumption that the NFT itself or forecasted utility/membership associated with said NFT will ever result in a positive return of monetary and/or intrinsic value.

Unless stated otherwise, the current NFT projects by HELD & all future NFTs sold are sold as digital art, & should be purchased as such.